5 Keys to Creating a Successful 3D Presentation

PowerPoint presentations, effective as they were in the past, are slowly being pushed out of the picture as people turn to more advanced methods of creating powerful presentations. Enter the 3D presentations. 3D presentation is much more illustrative and interesting; two very important keys in the delivery of a powerful presentation. So how can you build your own powerful 3D presentation that will interest and engage your audience? Below are five key factors that must be considered if you are to create a riveting 3D presentation;

1) Choosing the right tools; to create a 3D presentation, you are going to need some special tools such as 3D generation software. There are many such software available out there ranging from highly specialized software that require in depth understanding of popular programming languages to simple yet powerful software that do not require a single line of code and which can be used by virtually anyone. In choosing the software to use, consider the following;

- Can you use it? If you are not proficient in programming, you had better go for software that does not need any coding.

- Hardware requirements; do you have the hardware (such as enough RAM) to use the software effectively?

2) Developing a suitable storyline; you must have some storyline covering the entire presentation. The storyline, in this respect is a narrative of the flow of ideas that will be represented within the 3D presentation that you want to create. It is important to have a clear storyline before you even begin creating the presentation. When creating the storyline, ensure the following;

- It should be interesting; 3D presentations on even the most boring of topics can be brought to life through the use of an interesting storyline. It does not necessarily have to be entertaining (although that would be a plus if you can make it happen), but it has to be good enough to keep your audience interested throughout.

- Make it concise; a very broad storyline easily could lose your audience before they get to the end of the presentation.

3) Highlighting takeaways; in this context, the takeaways refer to the most important bits of information that you want your audience to get out of the presentation. You can’t expect them to remember everything you present so ensure that more emphasis is laid squarely on the most important sections of your presentation. The best way to do this is by identifying such sections right after you finish developing your storyline.

4) Differentiating yourself; even though you might be several presenters and all of you use the same software to make your presentations, there are many ways through which you can make yours different from the rest. You can do this by exploring all the tools within the 3D presentation software that you are using and not just the most basic tools.

5) Simplicity; great graphics are a powerful addition to your presentation, but they should be added cautiously otherwise they could make your presentation appear crowded or make it confusing and hard for your audience to follow.

The Best Birthday Party Presents

It will be your child’s birthday soon! You, as a parent knows that it is time for you to plan a great birthday party. Most parents would know what to do for their child’s birthday: Set a date, look for venue, catering, guests list, etc. Those are pretty standard stuff that you will know.

However, I believe that one of the most important aspect of a birthday is the present. After all, that is something that your child would most likely wish for and it will be something that they will treasure. So, I suggest that you put in extra considerations when you want to buy a birthday present for your child. You can buy the present yourself, or you can put it in the ‘She likes XYZ” in the invitation cards.

So what are some of the presents that your child would like? Here are some suggestions:

Boys - Boys will be boys. They will love action stuff like shooters and things on wheels. Some ideas would include slyroform shooters and toy cars. If you have a big area at home, a bicycle will be good ideas too.

Girls - Girls will prefer things that will make them pretty, although there are girls who likes wheels and shooters. In general, a toy make-up set and dresses will be great as presents for them.

What not to give – Try not to give educational items like assessment books or the boring dictionary! I know there are some children who may want these but they can be exceptional. I do have a neighbor where their 7 years old boy wanted to read unabridged version of the “Golden Compass” novel that is 300+ pages thick! Educational toys are fine, but anything that is too ‘study’ like will not be recommended.

Other ideas – There are items that are suitable for both gender. If they are above 9 years old, the items could include skates, basketball set and Nintendo DS. For younger children between 6-8 years old, they can have Lego set and Game Boy. For the children younger than 5 years old, they can have mini bikes and cars.

There are many ideas for a perfect birthday present, I would recommend that you try get your kids to giant toy stores and see what catches their eyes. Once you know, you can surprise them with the gift! If you want to be on the safer side, you can ask your child to look and select the present that they want. In that way, the children can also have the excitement of waiting for the gift that they want.

Exporting an OpenOffice Impress Presentation

You are able to export the OpenOffice Impress presentation into the different file formats that include HTML, PDF and also Flash. The process will take a few seconds in order to complete and will also produce the professional looking presentation in the file format that you need. Here is more information for you.

For the first step that you should do is that you have to open the OpenOffice Impress presentation that you want to export to another application. In doing this, you need to make sure that the presentation will be finished before you are exporting it. The changes may not be made to an exported file.

For the second step, you should select the “File” menu and then choose the “Export” to open the the “Export” dialog box. It is where you need to choose the file and then select how you need to export the Impress presentation.

After that, choose to where you need to export the presentation, you can do this by browsing the files that use the “Save in” drop-down menu.

For the next step, click on the “File format” drop-down menu in choosing what the type of file format that you want to export the Impress presentation.

Then, name the exported presentation, do this by using the keyboard to type the name in the “File name” text box Use the mouse in order to click the “Save button” in bringing up the corresponding dialog based on the file format that you are exporting the presentation to.

For the last step, follow the on-screen wizard in order to finish the exporting process for the Impress presentation.