Negotiation Tip For Women – Does Your Voice Turn ‘Em on Or Off?

Your voice is a powerful tool when you negotiate. How you use it influences the outcome of your negotiation. Here are some tips on how to use your voice to be a more effective negotiator.

Listen to the tone and pitch. Is your voice soft, sweet or high-pitched? Do you have an accent?

Non-native English speakers have a tendency to speak fast when conversing in English. Slow down. Even some native English speakers need to heed this tip, especially if you have a regional accent. This will also help with the next point.

Speak in a lower tone, especially in a negotiation, for added credibility. Research verifies that men prefer to hear a low, slow-paced female voice with some vocal variation. Also, some men have difficulty understanding people with accents. That’s where the slower speed comes in.

Your ethnicity plays a large role in how you speak, and this carries over into negotiations. For instance, in Japan men find women with a soft, high-pitched voice appealing.

Consider finding a voice or presentation coach to help you. Record your voice in various settings (including telephone voice and meeting voice) and replay as a learning tool. Take note when your voice raises, goes lower, speeds up or slows down. If your voice is running on autopilot, the message you want to give may not be the one the other person hears.

How do you find a presentation or voice coach?

Google is one way. Another is to locate a local chapter of the National Speakers Association. There may be a member in the chapter who specializes in presentation and voice development.

Learn to use your voice effectively. It is one of your most powerful negotiation tools.

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Silver Jewelry Presents an Integration of Fashion and Uniqueness

Beauty does not depend to be by chance anymore. There are lots of choices and options that can make it a choice. Silver, gold, diamond and other precious stone jewelry, especially, hand-made jewelry pieces are on high demand as they are rare and unique designs.

The metallic bright shiny aura of silver presents a lustrous appeal. Silver jewelry finds its segment on the new age jewelry. However, silver can be used in different adornments such as brooches, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets.

Designer jewelry in silver is popular across the globe among the jewelry segment in modern times. Silver is gaining popularity in comparison to gold. The fluctuation of the market with respect to gold and gold jewelry keep increasing and now many jewelry designers opt for silver designer jewelry ornaments and adornments to reach different segments of the market.

The silver jewelry has integrated the fashion industry on a wider scale and day after day the demand is growing. Customers, even with a small income, buy silver as it falls within their budget. Jewelry designers are also coming up with trendy and modern jewelry designs enhancing the appeal of the jewelry and thus increasing the sales, creating a brand identity. In fact, during festive seasons, there are special offers on silver jewelry.

Silver is a lovely metal and loved around the globe by most women. Gifting silver on various occasions to anyone, your mother, wife or girlfriend is appreciated as the best gift. Silver rings as gifts given during special occasions such as engagement ceremony, wedding anniversary or Valentine’s Day, carries a lot of importance.

With the designs of modern age and its integrations in silver, the increase has truly become huge. Silver looks amazing and is compared to the beauty and charm of the moon. The metal is mixed with alloy approximate to 92% pure and the rest includes the mixture of other metals. This is done so that it is tangible.

Normally, with pure silver, copper is mixed as the alloy. The benefit is that silver is safe for the skin and has no adverse chemical reactions. Buying silver jewelry at reasonable price is the biggest advantage. Even gifting silver designed jewelry to your loved ones does not force you to break your bank. You can make it impressive with lovely packaging and hand it over to your loved ones on special occasions.

Mostly, fashion conscious people concentrate on handmade jewelry. Each silver piece is crafted carefully if they are handmade jewelry and in such cases machines are not used. The handmade silver jewelry is naturally costlier in comparison to the machine-made jewelry. Each craftsman maintains their style in creating jewelry and it is tough to copy jewelry in the same design. Each jewelry piece in silver ensures the radiance that the wearer is certain to be more than pleased with.

Exporting an OpenOffice Impress Presentation

You are able to export the OpenOffice Impress presentation into the different file formats that include HTML, PDF and also Flash. The process will take a few seconds in order to complete and will also produce the professional looking presentation in the file format that you need. Here is more information for you.

For the first step that you should do is that you have to open the OpenOffice Impress presentation that you want to export to another application. In doing this, you need to make sure that the presentation will be finished before you are exporting it. The changes may not be made to an exported file.

For the second step, you should select the “File” menu and then choose the “Export” to open the the “Export” dialog box. It is where you need to choose the file and then select how you need to export the Impress presentation.

After that, choose to where you need to export the presentation, you can do this by browsing the files that use the “Save in” drop-down menu.

For the next step, click on the “File format” drop-down menu in choosing what the type of file format that you want to export the Impress presentation.

Then, name the exported presentation, do this by using the keyboard to type the name in the “File name” text box Use the mouse in order to click the “Save button” in bringing up the corresponding dialog based on the file format that you are exporting the presentation to.

For the last step, follow the on-screen wizard in order to finish the exporting process for the Impress presentation.